English Challenges
English Challenges
Speak English Naturally and Confidently
Recently, an American client told me that she’s really impressed with my English. It felt awesome. Thanks, Tannia, for your support!
— Christos G. | Germany


You deserve to feel more confident, more like yourself, when you speak English.

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You’ll learn five techniques you can start implementing today to help you speak more naturally and confidently.

She is the most special English teacher I have ever met. She makes me relax when I try to speak English.
— Jing H. | China


My online course is full of tips and activities designed to help you take your English to the next level.

While I love traditional education, I also know that formal classes and textbooks can only do so much. 

I’m going to help you learn what your textbooks couldn’t teach you - how American native speakers actually talk in real life.

The course helped me a lot. I have taken a lot of classes from native English teachers. I ask them how to connect the words, and they say, ‘What are you talking about?’

They don’t realize how it’s important for us. You have the sensibility to go to the point, to show the problem and fix the problem. Thank you!
— Marcelo D. | Brazil